Plan, 10 March

Runt Sri Lanka

Sri Lankas kustområden koloniserades av Portugal under 1500-talet, och av Nederländerna under 1600-talet. Britterna kom till ön 1796 och 1815 lade de hela ön under sig. Sri Lanka, då Ceylon, var därefter en brittisk koloni fram till självständigheten 1948. Under 26 år (1983-2009) har ett våldsamt inbördeskrig rasat mellan regeringen och olika tamilska gerillagrupper, främst de tamilska tigrarna. 40.000 tamilska civila kan ha dödats i slutfasen av kriget. Det orsakade 294.000 människor på flykt. Tsunamin i Asien 2004 dödade över 35.000 i Sri Lanka.

Landet har nu runt tjugo miljoner invånare och består av en stor tropisk ö samt ett antal småöar. Landets viktigaste ekonomiska sektorer är turism, teexport, kläder, risproduktion och andra jordbruksprodukter. Sri Lanka ett av de snabbast växande ekonomierna i världen, inkomsten per capita har fördubblats sedan 2005.


10 mars


After a very long flight from Sweden we arrive in the middle of the night in Colombo, the capitol of Sri Lanka. The flight was slightly delayed, but otherwise the trip went as smooth as one could wish for. We were picked up by our guide Lucky and driven quickly to our hotel where we arrived around 4.00 in the morning. No need to say I was totally exhausted and slept as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Yawn, it’s 11:30 almost lunchtime, but we are still tired after the long trip and the weird arrival time in the middle of the night. Outside it is hot, around 34C, but it feels warmer than that. Sticky hot and sweaty it is. Not that interested in seeing the dusty hot capitol, we decided to change the plans of the day and just relax and enjoy some good food instead of walking around the dusty streets of Colombo.

We already selected two restaurants that seemed very good. First stop for lunch is the Paradise Road Galary Cafe. And it lives up to its good reputation! The food was absolutely delicious and the setting was a tranquil inner-courtyard away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Enjoying some cool drinks. An ice tea with sugar sirop on the side to sweeten it to taste 🙂
Chilled and spicy gazpacho
The fish was absolutely to die for so delicious!
And of course they had a lot of choices for dessert! Above picture is the cake selection.
But my choice was a chocolate mouse that tasted fantastic.
We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at our hotel and went out again just before sunset to do a quick tour of the city by car. The main destination for the evening is a restaurant called ”The Ministry of Crab” famous for, as you probably guessed, the fresh and delicious crab.
Racing in a tuktuk through town back to our hotel.

On the way from Colombo




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